Boost Your Knowledge. Boost Your Career. Attend the Citrix Project Accelerator Workshops in DC this October!

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If you are in the DC area, this October you have the opportunity to learn from myself, Citrix, nVidia and NetApp about how to translate your user’s needs into the technology required, and more importantly how to run the project from start to finish. I feel it’s a gap and I wanted to do a NON-SALES workshop. Click the link for more information!

Citrix Synergy 2014 Recap: Part 4- Presentations and Purpose

In my final blog about Citrix Synergy 2014, I will combine the final of my five ‘P’s into one blog posting: Presentations and Purpose. The reason I’m combining the two is that at the surface they may appear separate, but my experience at Synergy proved that they tie into each other…. and sorry for the delay in posting this!

XenDesktop and XenApp with 1 IOPS per user… without additional software purchases?

Last year, a quietly integrated feature of Provisioning Services (PVS) was introduced called “RAM Cache with Overflow to Disk” that I thought was pretty cool, but surely MCS was taking over, and I didn’t put much stock into it.  Until I saw it in use and was blown away by the implications: Finally utilizing RAM that goes relatively unused in a properly scaled server can be used to reduce IO (more about that in a moment). The Disk Wars are over, at least as far…

Amy Adams Gives Up First Class Seat to US Soldier in Coach – ABC News

Amy Adams Gives Up First Class Seat to US Soldier in Coach – ABC News. ABC has confirmed an eye-witness story tweeted by one Jemele Hill that Amy Adams gave up her First Class seat to a soldier, which I found very cool. I did have to look up who Amy Adams was using IMDB (I’m a little ashamed here, but I’ve only seen her in that ridiculous Night at the Museum movie…) but I’m glad to see an example to her fellow actors! As a…

Mark Templeton to Continue as CEO of Citrix

As noted in a previous article of mine that was referenced by CRN here, Mark Templeton was rumored to be staying at Citrix.  I can now confirm that Mark WILL be staying on at Citrix permanently, which I will quickly say is a great decision.  The press release is here: Mark Templeton to Continue as CEO of Citrix. The article does mention that succession will continue as a topic, which is wise- I believe a major player in the market must be always looking towards the…